All Good Living Kids’ founder, Chris Tam, chose the right moniker for his clothing brand. If you sat with Tam for half an hour, you’d find his mind is constantly at work. Beyond seeking improvements to running an environmentally friendly business, Tam’s ideas revolve around ways to make a lasting, positive impact in the lives of local children. This encompasses everything from promoting healthy dieting tips to passing on a sense of environmental responsibility to raising money for education.

That’s where recycling for education comes in. According to the EPA, 75 percent of solid waste is recyclable, but out of that amount, only 30 percent is recycled. Let’s isolate a single recyclable item that’s commonly found in homes and businesses – aluminum cans.

Aluminum cans may be recycled again and again, giving them the highest recycling rate and the greatest recycled content of any beverage container. Not only that, but recycling cans earns do-gooders cash by the unit, or by the pound. Plastic, glass, paper – valuable commodities at your local recycling center – are also worth tossing in a colored bin. This is especially so, given that the average person generates nearly five pounds of trash per day. All that trash adds up, just as the money earned from recycling it.
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Fortunately, recycling is smart business, and more and more entrepreneurs are getting on board. All Good Living Kids encourages businesses, not only to recycle, but to consider donating their proceeds from the effort to local schools for the purchase of much-needed supplies and programming. Integrate your company logo onto your recycling bins and become part of a grassroots movement to improve Bay Area schools!


Posted on March, 20 2012 in Arts and Crafts, Company News, Eco Friendly, Education, Recycling

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