I have the hardest time getting my kids to eat their vegetables…same problem?  Or maybe your diet could use a little more veggie “oomph”.  For a while now I have been  tricking, errr…masking veggies in some of my recipes.  I can remember over hearing my grandmother say to my dad under her breath, “chop it up small enough and they can't pick it out!”, as I stared into my bowl of spaghetti, searching for the tripe she may or may not have slipped in there.  Is tripe even nutritious?

Anyway, I'm getting pretty bored with the old cauliflower-mashed potato switch-a-roo and went on a search for new things to fool…I mean covertly introduce to my kids.  I have discovered The Sneaky Chef!  Missy Chase Lapine is a part of Parenting Magazine's line of experts and is the genius author the The Sneaky Chef.  She has 4 books currently out full of recipes to help boost vegetable intake and one that sneaks a little more exercise  into your kids day.  How brilliant!!  I'm looking into the one titled, How To Cheat On Your Man (In The Kitchen).  My husband is almost as bad as our kids!

She has several free recipes available on the website, AWESOME!  The Brawny Brownies and Light Mac  N Cheese are next on my to do list.  Then, I'm buying the books!


Posted on May, 07 2012 in Food, Health, Health and Fitness

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