So you’re sitting in your favorite restaurant, having a great time, enjoying your food.  Everything is fine, right?  Do you ever wonder what’s going on in the kitchen?  How your meal is being prepared maybe?  I wouldn’t consider myself as a germaphobe, but I do have a problem with any type of cross contamination.

The CDC reports that nearly 48 million people get sick from food borne diseases each year.  This whole thing dawned on me the other night while out to dinner with my family for my husband’s birthday.  I was sitting there next to my youngest, only 9 months old when he decided he wanted to gnaw on the table.  I immediately jumped into action giving him something more desirable to chew on.  Then I thought to myself, “how clean is this place?”

As a patron to any restaurant we have the right to ask to see the inspection reports.  Luckily for us the internet can prevent that awkward moment from happening.  You may find restaurant inspections for your area and other counties and states.

I’m pleased to say the restaurant we dined at scored pretty well on their inspection, however I will still pass on letting the bambino teeth on their table tops.


Posted on March, 14 2012 in Food, Health and Fitness

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