Did you know that algae has the most potential in providing our worlds biofuel? It’s amazing what that little nuisance in our fish tanks can do! According to the Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources, these plants produce and store energy in the form of oil and they do it better than any other natural or engineered process.

A Nevada based company, Algae Systems has come up with a way to use algae biofuel to transform raw sewage into drinking water. The cool part? It produces clean energy and drinking water, as well as, dispose of unwanted or hazardous materials and destroys pathogens in sewage. But I’m not done! More carbon is removed from the atmosphere than when the fuel is burned!

Posted on September, 17 2014 in Clean Energy, Community, Eco Friendly, Ecology, Education, Green, Health, Natural, News, Organic, Recycling, Sustainable, Technology, World News

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