In a world where almost every 3 year old can operate an iPad if not owns one, some of our old customary traditions haven’t caught up to speed. The art of storytelling is soon going to find its way going down the path of the cassette tape. With the busy schedules of parents, some find it very hard to have a moment to sit and read to their children.

The folks at Gnomie understand the importance of story time with children and don’t want to see those memorable and educational moments disappear. Gnomie has created an app for iTunes and for the Android that “brings the warmth of storytelling to modern devices.”

They have an app, Gnomie Farmland Adventures and are currently working on a couple more. Gnomie Farmland Adventures is chock full of fun stuff for children. There’s great illustration and music, interactivity and even a music video to help put the little ones to sleep. What I found was most awesome is the feature where you can actually read the story and it will be recorded so your child can still have mommy or daddy’s voice reading to them. Perfect for those traveling parents.

Check back from time to time to download their newest apps.


Posted on March, 22 2012 in Education, Technology

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