At AGL Kids we are not only an environmentally conscious clothing line, we are globally conscious as well. We recently teamed up with friend and organizer of Gambia Rising, Mike McConnell (Co-founder of Niman Ranch)

For those of you who haven’t heard of Gambia Rising, it is a 501©3 charitable trust that raises money for the underprivileged youth of The Gambia,in west Africa. Although an ample school system exists in Gambia, a relatively high cost limits most Gambians the ability to receive an education. Between school fees, uniforms, and buying their own books, it costs $150 to send a child to elementary school for one year.

The students we help range from ages 5 to 26 years old. Two thirds of these students are girls. If a poor family cannot afford to pay for all their kids, the girls get left out.  And If a young girl cannot stay in school after reaching puberty (usually, 9th grade), she will be forced to work or more often, given away to be married.
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Every person who works with Gambia Rising does so voluntarily. Their transportation and other costs are paid for by their own money. Every cent donated goes directly to a students in need. The awesome part is each donor will get to see the student they are helping make opportunities for, either by photo or through a YouTube video. http://www.youtube.com/user/GambiaScholars

Check back soon to see how we're going to get involved!

For more information on Gambia Rising please go to http://www.gambiarising.org/


Posted on March, 21 2012 in Education

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