Caine's Arcade

Who says you can’t learn anything from a child?  I watched this video, Caine’s Arcade and was totally amazed.  This little boy Caine had a love for arcade games and wanted to build his very own.  With just the extra boxes hanging around his father’s auto parts shop, he designed his first arcade game.  One game turned into two and so forth until he had a his own fully functioning arcade, complete with tickets, prizes and even a fun pass!

It blew me away that Caine built these all by hand, mind you, he is 9 years old.  But what really tugged at my heart strings was his perseverance.  His father’s business wasn’t getting much foot traffic therefore his arcade was very seldom visited.  But he came every weekend to meet possible patrons. Never giving up, never letting it get him down.  He just knew he had something good going.  Which he does!

By chance a man named Nirvan Mullick needed a part for his car and was intrigued by this little guy and his arcade.  He decided to use Facebook to bring folks by to check Caine’s Arcade  out.  You have to watch this video, the smile on Caine’s face is indescribable.  It even brought my 14yr old to “Awww!” over it.  One thing I’m sure Caine wasn’t expecting was all the donations that are going to his college fund, over $145,000! Amazing!


Posted on April, 13 2012 in Arts and Crafts, Community, Culture, Recycling, Technology

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