I can’t even tell you how many times I say, “there should be an app for that!”, shortly followed by the look of death from my teenage daughter.  In all seriousness, babble.com has compiled a list of the Top 25 Apps for Moms.

I was reading this article and I was pretty impressed!  At least 6 of my wishes have been granted.  Not all of them are free but for a few bucks, some of this stuff is worth it.

I have a notes app already on my phone but I think I’d like to try out the one they listed Astrid Task/To Do List.  They also have an app for a Baby Monitor and Alarm.  This app is great! You leave your phone in the room with the baby and you can have your prerecorded voice play to help sooth baby or play their favorite song.  It will also call you on a preset number to notify you of any sounds picked up from baby’s room.

There is this one they feature called ChefTap Recipe…Amazing.  I have always wanted something like this!  I have tons of recipes boxes on different sites and I can’t keep track of them all.  If you’re anything like me, we can now!  You can import your recipe box from sites like Epicurious or Pinterest and it will organize it by category.  And it’s a FREE one!  I am so excited!

Have you ever been in a situation where first aid was needed but you had no clue what type of first aid is best?  Not to fret, check out their First Aid app. I just downloaded this app, it is in fact pretty cool.  It gives you myths vs. facts and even tests you on certain scenarios.

Have an iPhone?  It’s OK…there’s a list for iPhone users too!!


Posted on May, 03 2012 in Education, Food, Technology

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