This morning we received an email from a  customer that tugged at our heart strings.  Most of us here at AGL Kids have children of our own, so you can imagine upon reading his email that each of us put ourselves in his shoes.  You can feel this man’s strength through his message, and now I’d like to introduce you.

Everyone, I would love for you to meet Brian Schmitt of Schmitt Design.  He does amazing work creating modern mobiles and lamps from sustainable materials.  His studio is pretty local to us, in Sacramento, about an hour drive from our office.   Featured above is Brian’s beautiful baby boy.

Some of you may have never heard of SCID– Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, or (Bubble Boy Disease).  It is a severe defect in both T and B lymphocyte systems which could cause one or more serious infections like pneumonia within the first few months of life.  A simple heel stick blood test can detect this deficiency.  The sooner it’s detected the better the chance to treat and possibly cure it.

Brian’s son was recently diagnosed with SCID and is currently receiving a bone marrow transplant to rebuild his immune system.  It’s so hard to imagine such a tiny little person having to go through such a major procedure.  He is going to require all his family’s strength and faith to get him through one of the hardest ordeals he will face.  This was directly from Brian’s email, “I thought you’d like to know that we picked your onesie for his big day. We thought ‘So My Story Begins’ was very fitting for the occasion.”

To Brian, baby boy and the rest of the Schmitt family, we are so proud to be a part of his story.  We appreciate you thinking of us during this stressful time.  Everyone here at AGL Kids sends their love and best wishes for a successful procedure and quick recovery.  We would love to receive updates on his progress.  Thank you again so much!


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