Your job doesn't have to feel like a job and work doesn't have to work…when you're happy!  Wouldn't that just be so great!!  It's not too far fetched.  According to Tony Hsieh (pronounced Shay), it is highly attainable and highly recommended.  Tony Hsieh, Zappos.com CEO,  wrote the book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose.

In his book he provides sound business advice, which made New York's Best Seller list by the way.  He has a belief that happiness can be used as a model both in business and in life.  He drove across country to speak with people inspired by his book, therefore inspiring themselves to keep the happiness spreading.

Exactly how does Tony and his band of happiness sharers do this?  Together they formed a team, Delivering Happiness to basically do just that…deliver happiness.  For the community, they hold events to bring people together to help introduce them to the idea of happiness in all aspects of life.  DH delivers at work too. They coach the same theory of happiness applied at Zappos.  Community, work, why not schools?  DH teams up with educators to incorporate programs like PhD-Pursuit of Happiness Day.  This is where educators set aside one day a year to talk to students about the science of happiness.  Then comes the DH shop, this is where AGL Kids comes in.  They currently make inspirational goods, but we're now collaborating to include kids clothes to help spread the HAPPY!  If we start the change of allowing happiness in all avenues of life, our kids will grow up with that knowledge and further the movement.


Posted on March, 18 2013 in Activities, Bay Area, Community, Company News, Culture, Education, Family Fun, Happiness

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