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It was the most horrible day in American history, that I ever witnessed.  I feel hurt when I hear young people say, “9/11? What’s that?” I can’t be angry, they either didn’t have to endure our country’s pain or were too young to remember.  I suppose it could be compared to our elders vs. my generation regarding the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Both horrifying and sad.  So on this 13th anniversary of 9/11, let’s put our differences aside, set down the problems that we just can’t seem to get off our minds, and feel that unity again.  If you witnessed 9/11, you know what feeling I’m talking about.  The feeling that made you want to hug a perfect stranger, call your parents, hold your spouse and kids a bit closer.  That’s humanity, that’s love and it’s not lost. “No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” – Virgil

Posted on September, 11 2014 in Community, News, Tragedy, World News

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